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Alamosaurus (Samuel) (Prehistoric Animal Models by PNSO) – Dinosaur Toy Blog

Jurassic North America was house to an astonishingly numerous assemblage of sauropod dinosaurs, roughly 20 species have been recovered from the Morrison Formation, together with iconic genera equivalent to Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, and Brachiosaurus. Then, by the point the late Cretaceous began, sauropods have been all gone. In what is named the “sauropod hiatus” western North America seems to have skilled a 30-million-year interval the place sauropods now not occupied Laramidia. The place they went is a thriller however then, in the course of the tail finish of the Cretaceous, Alamosaurus reveals up.

Alamosaurus in all probability immigrated from South America however regardless of, the looks of Alamosaurus ends the sauropod hiatus and though it’s only a single genus of sauropod, what a sauropod it’s! Alamosaurus has many accolades to its title. It was the biggest dinosaur to ever roam North America, the one sauropod to reside in North America on the finish of the Cretaceous, the one titanosaur to ever reside in North America, and one of many final surviving non-avian dinosaurs. Alamosaurus would have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Quetzalcoatlus, Torosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus, which implies a possible battel between Tyrannosaurus and a sauropod is just not purely the stuff of fiction. Talking of which, Alamosaurus is definitely featured in Jurassic Park. The sauropod skeleton going through off with Tyrannosaurus within the customer heart rotunda is an Alamosaurus.

All of that ought to make Alamosaurus a extra well-liked animal than it’s nevertheless it stays comparatively obscure. That appears to be altering although, as individuals begin to acknowledge what an vital and spectacular animal it’s. It lately had an look in Prehistoric Planet and is exhibiting up in video video games as properly. Most vital to us collectors although are the discharge of two back-to-back Alamosaurus fashions from PNSO and Haolonggood. The primary first rate fashions of the genus ever! And sure, CollectA did make an Alamosaurus a few years in the past, nevertheless it hardly did the genus justice.

The dimensions of PNSO’s Alamosaurus is what we’ll deal with first because it has been a problem of competition inside the neighborhood. The determine stands about 11.5” (29 cm) tall and measures about 16” (40 cm) lengthy. That’s not the entire size of the mannequin itself although, and when measured down the midline of the again the determine comes out to be about 21.5” (54.61 cm). Utilizing that, the determine matches the 1:35 scale when scaled down from an animal measuring 64’ (19.5 meters). However…most most dimension estimates for Alamosaurus put it at about 98’ (29.8 meters). Utilizing that size, the determine comes out to be nearer to 1/55 in scale.

The scale of the field makes you assume you’re getting a a lot bigger determine than you truly are.

This revelation clearly disappoints numerous collectors, and I don’t blame them. When displaying one of many largest animals to ever reside you need it to be scaled down from its most size. When you strictly accumulate 1/35 it should look smaller in your assortment than you would possibly like. However there may be an argument to be made for a smaller dimension too. Most animals don’t attain their most dimension potential and common out a lot smaller. A 65’ sauropod remains to be an enormous animal and sure inside the common dimension vary for Alamosaurus. Additionally, it simply saves area. I don’t have numerous these giant sauropod fashions just because they take up numerous area in my show cupboard. So, for me it is a good dimension, and if you’d like a bigger Alamosaurus then look into Haolonggood’s.

Measurement apart, the PNSO Alamosaurus nonetheless has presence. It’s introduced striding ahead with the left forelimb barely lifted. The tail organically snakes out behind the determine, veering upwards in the direction of the left after which again down with the tip bending rightward. The pinnacle is wanting barely rightward. What makes this mannequin notably spectacular is the thickness of the neck, which at its base is almost as thick because the sturdy torso. I like sauropods with thick necks and that provides Samuel a slight edge over Haolonggood’s Alamosaurus, at the very least on this occasion.

Regardless of having materials from a number of specimens of varied sizes we nonetheless don’t have an Alamosaurus cranium, simply their peg-shaped tooth. The heads of titanosaurs are uncommon basically. PNSO gave this determine a cranium comparable in form to that of Nemegtosaurus, a titanosaur for which the cranium is understood. The muzzle is slender with the mouth missing cheeks, and with a beak on the tip, a function identified from Camarasaurus however seldom utilized to different sauropods. The tooth are uncovered and whereas I’m not a fan of uncovered tooth the top is so small that it’s not a problem, the tooth are barely seen. The nostrils are accurately positioned in the direction of the tip of the snout as a substitute of additional again.  

The dimensions element is so high-quality that it’s barely seen, however that’s a great factor on a sauropod determine of this scale. The place they’re seen the scales are small and pebbly whereas sq. formed scales are current on the stomach. A row of small scales additionally runs down the midline of the again. Small keeled osteoderms are scattered across the base of the neck, torso, and tail with bigger pointed osteoderms working down the again and transitioning to a single row on the tail.

Osteoderms are identified from a lot of titanosaurs, together with Alamosaurus, however too few of them are identified to confidently recreate their dimension, quantity, or distribution right here. I don’t actually thoughts a little bit of hypothesis although, and the osteoderms add numerous attraction right here. Barely raised pores and skin and clusters of scales across the osteoderms give them a pure look. And naturally, there are many pores and skin folds and wrinkles for added element and texture. The wrinkling is current largely across the decrease torso and limb joints however is most blatant and appreciated alongside the neck.

PNSO has chosen to offer Samuel thumb spikes on the manus, nevertheless titanosaurs by-and-large have fully misplaced their phalanges. There are exceptions to this nevertheless, and the titanosaur Diamantinasaurus nonetheless possessed phalanges and thumb claws. On this occasion their addition might be thought of speculative, however I wouldn’t name it inaccurate. The manus remains to be accurately horseshoe-shaped with the remainder of the manus encased in flesh. The hindfeet possess three clawed digits.

Samuel has a tan coloured neck with a darkish wash over it that brings out the considerable wrinkling and high-quality scale element. The pinnacle is grey with a tan coloured jaw. The tan coloration continues up across the orbit and is highlighted in pink. The beak is brown, tooth white, and eyes orange with black pupils. Grey bands run down the neck and the grey coloration turns into dominant on the torso the place solely the stomach and inside floor of the limbs are tan. There’s a little bit of a brown transition between the grey and tan parts on the torso. The tail resumes the tan with grey band configuration we see on the neck.

Smaller osteoderms are the identical shade because the pores and skin however the bigger osteoderms are tipped in brown. Paint utility on the bigger osteoderms isn’t nice and plenty of of them usually are not fully painted. The toenails are brown, and the cloaca has a faint brown wash round it nevertheless it’s not soiled wanting like a few of CollectA’s figures.  General, I discover this to be a horny paintjob that finds a steadiness between wanting pure however attention-grabbing too.

With the Papo Brachiosaurus.
With the Eofauna Diplodocus.
If you need it to look really gigantic, simply show it with smaller figures. These are the Safari Sue and Torosaurus toys.

PNSO’s Alamosaurus didn’t have a very long time within the limelight and was shortly forgotten as soon as Haolonggood’s Alamosaurus was launched. Most collectors appear to have gravitated in the direction of Haolonggood’s, which admittedly has higher attraction by way of dimension, high-quality element, and with their decisions of paintjobs. However every determine has its execs and cons and there may be a lot to be admired about PNSO’s Alamosaurus. Its smaller dimension has an attraction of its personal to these with area constraints and a few facets of its anatomy could be extra interesting too, just like the thickness of the neck. It’s good to have choices and there’s no denying that we’re spoiled for selection. Hopefully somebody will evaluate the Haolonggood Alamosaurus so it has a presence on the weblog as properly. The PNSO Alamosaurus is at the moment in manufacturing and retails for $74.99. That makes it about $100 cheaper than Haolonggood’s, in order that’s one thing else to consider.

With the Safari Camarasaurus.
With the CollectA Jobaria.
With the CollectA Alamosaurus.

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