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Mosasaurus (Dinosaurs by LEGO) – Dinosaur Toy Blog

“How do you do, fellow dinosaur lovers? Dr. Bella Bricking and Beth Buildit right here as soon as once more, wishing you all each a contented Nationwide Dinosaur Day and a contented Delight Month! Are you prepared for one more dive deep into the thrilling world of prehistoric LEGO units?”

*sigh* “Why are we sporting these getups, Doc? I’m cooking in right here!”

“Why, we’re dressed for the event, my pricey Beth. At present we can be taking a visit far again in time. All the best way to the the 12 months 2001 to be exact. For it was throughout that 12 months that LEGO launched its Dinosaurs theme. This consisted of 4 small units packaged in bins or polybags and 4 bigger units packaged in massive black canisters. And for this assessment, we will be inspecting one such canister: 6721 Mosasaurus.”

“Riiiiight, and because it’s a sea reptile, we’re sporting diving fits, gotcha, Doc. And the way about that, we’re lastly doing a set that’s not Jurassic World-themed for a change. Alrighty then, guess we’d higher get constructing.”

“There’s truly not that a lot to construct this time, Beth. The Mosasaurus consists of simply 18 items, though a little bit of power is required to snap the 4 sections of the primary physique collectively.”

“Yeah? Nicely, with these helmets on, it’s nonetheless no fast and straightforward activity, Doc! Identical goes for these danged iron boots!”

“Hmmm. I need to confess that my very own tools is impeding my mobility, Beth. Maybe we must always shed a couple of objects.”

“Ah, that’s means higher!”

“Proper then, right here we’ve got the finished Mosasaurus. It measures almost 28 cm lengthy and 12.5 cm vast on the ideas of its entrance flippers. Its principal colors are gentle gray and sand blue with darkish gray on its again and head and crimson and darkish blue markings, which makes it pretty vibrant in comparison with different mosasaur toys.”

“It’s additionally tremendous poseable in comparison with the remainder, Doc. The mouth opens actually vast, the tongue strikes, the pinnacle and shoulders can increase up or down, the flippers rotate, the tail strikes up and down, and it rotates in three locations in addition! And take a look at how the tongue piece is definitely the higher jaw of a type of old LEGO crocodile figures!”

With the 2023 CollectA Mosasaurus.

“Very astute of you to note that, my pricey Beth. And whereas the pinnacle is admittedly outsized, the lengthy tail and comparatively small flippers will allow most individuals to instantly acknowledge this toy as a member of the mosasaur household. And for individuals who take pleasure in including on extra LEGO items, there are 4 connecting studs on the toy’s again, three in a row on high of its head, one on both aspect of its head, and one contained in the mouth on the very entrance of the decrease jaw.”

“And since there’s holes the place the eyes are, Doc, you are able to do slightly one thing with LEGO gem items in the event you’ve acquired them. Examine this out!”

“Oh, I say, that’s certainly a moderately intelligent and intimidating contact, Beth.”

“So I assume now it’s time we wrapped this up, Doc?”

“Goodness no, Beth! Simply check out the additional items that got here with this set. These will allow us to construct three extra prehistoric animals.”

“I knew it wouldn’t be this straightforward.”

“First, by eradicating the flippers after which attaching a set of arms, a set of legs, and a sail, we get that well-known Permian synapsid generally known as Dimetrodon.”

“Significantly? You name {that a} Dimetrodon?”

“I need to concur that it’s not in any respect an affordable restoration, Beth. The pinnacle and the limbs are fairly not like these of Dimetrodon, and the tail is just too lengthy in addition. Solely the sail connected to the again provides any clue as to its taxonomy. Of the three alternate builds, that is most likely the weakest one.”

With the Wild Safari Dimetrodon.

“And what’s with these spikes on the arms, Doc?”

“Oh sure, the arms had been reused from LEGO’s classic dragon figure, Beth. Which, by the way, utilized the very same headpiece because the crocodile you talked about earlier. We could transfer on now?”

“Sure, let’s! Can’t presumably get any lamer.”

“So, by eradicating the sail, attaching the tridactyl ft to the hind limbs, and swapping out the lengthy tail part for the shorter one, we get the Late Triassic rauisuchid Postosuchus.”

“Okay, this one’s a bit higher, Doc. The tail’s too quick, however the Mosasaurus head completely works higher as a Postosuchus than a Dimetrodon, even when it’s nonetheless a bit large.”

With the Wild Safari Postosuchus.

“Additionally it is value noting, Beth, that this Postosuchus toy was inadvertently forward of its time. For you see, again in 2001, it was extensively held that the animal was quadrupedal, however these days we expect that it was in fact bipedal!”

“Huh, that’s cool. Solely what a bummer that this toy can’t rise up correctly on its two ft. You’ve acquired to both connect it to a LEGO base, use the tip of the decrease jaw for a 3rd leg, or have it rearing again until it’s virtually upright.”

“Agreed, that’s certainly a pity, Beth, however I additionally agree that that is nonetheless a a lot better construct than the earlier one. Now, subsequent we have to take away the massive head items, reattach the arms, change the massive tail piece,connect the small piece to the entrance socket to behave as a neck, after which connect the small head piece to it. This offers us an Iguanodon. Which is most lucky, because it merely wouldn’t do to have a assessment on Nationwide Dinosaur Day that didn’t embody a dinosaur!”

Iguanodon? Once more, significantly?”

“Sure, Beth, that’s certainly the official designation. And I’ll once more concur that it bears solely passing resemblance at finest to the true animal.”

“I imply, simply have a look at that goofy head, Doc! Seems extra like a hippo’s than an Iguanodon’s.”

“Certainly, that specific head piece has additionally been used to characterize Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, and Brachiosaurus amongst others. Repurposing items is a component and parcel of LEGO, in any case.”

With the Wild Safari Iguanodon.

“And with that additional lengthy neck, it may move off higher as a Plateosaurus, dontcha suppose, Doc?”

“Whether or not deliberately or not, my pricey Beth, you’ve simply identified one in every of this toy’s strengths. For you see, its generic look signifies that one can think about it as any variety of prehistoric species. One other power is that it’s the most poseable of all of the builds on this equipment. The pinnacle rotates, the neck rotates, raises, and lowers, the arms rotate, the torso can increase on the hips, and the tail retains the identical articulation as at all times. And in contrast to the earlier construct, this Iguanodon can stand completely properly.”

“Yeah, I assume these are all truthful factors, Doc. It is a toy geared toward children, in any case, not grownups typing away late at evening of their basement dens surrounded by packed show circumstances.”

“How very meta of you, Beth. Nicely, I do imagine that wraps issues up right here.”

“Maintain on a sec, Doc! This isn’t an official construct, however we’ve acquired all of the items we have to make an Elasmosaurus!”

“My phrase, how very ingenious of you, Beth! And never solely is it fairly poseable, however there might be no mistaking it for something apart from a member of Elasmosauridae. One may simply as simply interpret it as AlbertonectesHydrotherosaurusTerminonatator, or Thalassomedon in the event that they so want, however for the aim of this assessment, I feel calling it Elasmosaurus is completely fantastic.”

With the CollectA Elasmosaurus.

“Glad you approve, Doc. And now I reckon we actually are finished. You wanna wrap it up this time?”

“With pleasure, my pricey Beth. Whereas this set could appear crude in comparison with modern LEGO dinosaurs, and whereas among the builds do certainly appear . . . questionable at finest with regard to accuracy, it nonetheless stays fairly an progressive and pleasant product. The entire builds are straightforward to finish and enjoyable for kids and adults to play with, and the color scheme is moderately engaging as properly! This, together with the opposite units within the LEGO Dinosaurs sequence, has been out of manufacturing for greater than 20 years, so one should scour the Web in the event that they want to purchase one. Better of luck in that pursuit. And finest needs to all of you, fellow dinosaur lovers.”

“Guess we’ll again right here once more come Xmas, Doc?”

“Certainly we will, Beth, and what a undertaking we’ve got in retailer for that date!“

“Hooo boy. Later, of us! Giddyap, boy!”

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